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Spooky season is here!

This month, I've been on a spooky movie binge, catching up on all those eerie films I've been meaning to watch. First up on my list was the 2002 film, "Red Rose." It's got that charmingly spooky (not so scary) 90s vibe that I can't get enough of. Have any must-watch scary flicks you'd recommend? Now, on to the fun stuff! I got super inspired and decided to create some new bookmarks, taking a page from those old gothic horror films with their hauntingly beautiful mansions and ghostly ladies. There was a fair bit of trial and error but it was satisfying to watch the design come together. Each bookmark is handcrafted. And guess what? There's a delightful pop-up feature at the end, complete with a flower!

I'll have a few up in the Etsy shop as they will be brought to LightBox Expo happening this coming weekend. First time tabling! Hoping to catch a few of the panels this round and enjoy learning. Happy October! Melissa

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