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Bookmark set - A lady & her knight

"The Love Birds" set

Somewhere within the castle, in one of the high towers, there resides a lady and her knight.


This past February, I was inspired to create a new bookmark design for Valentine’s Day. I am such a sucker for romance! They are a reversible matching couple that comes with a tower backdrop, which makes it fun to decorate my bookshelf with when they aren’t helping to bookmark a page.

More couple designs are in the works after the response I've gotten with them so far! As each one is handmade it takes some time create, only a handful are put up at a time insure they are ready to go out the door.

In other news, Wondercon is right around the corner (March 29th - 31st). I'll have an artist table A-32 and these love birds will definitely be attending. 


All the best,


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