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Monster Heart - First Print run!

Upcoming shows!

So, last Sunday, a fun event went down at the Gilman Brewing Company. The Cape & Cowl Con, organized by the wonderful team behind the downtown Oakland comic shop Cape & Cowl.

It was like stepping into a world of indie magic, with a vibe that instantly took me back to the good ol' days of APE. Remember that? It was wonderfully crowded and had an amazing energy.

Now I'm feeling pumped for a few upcoming events happening in September:

  • SF Zine Fest, San Francisco, September 2nd. (look for my first printed MINI ZINE!)

  • Rose City Comic Con, Portland, September 22nd to 24th.

Monster Heart - First print run!

Remember that Monster Heart book we've been eagerly waiting for? Well, here's the scoop. After going back and forth, and considering all the ups and downs life threw our way in the past year, decided to hold off on that Kickstarter for the first book.

But hey, there's a silver lining! By the time we're ready to roll with book 2, we'll have a Kickstarter volume edition goal lined up. Until then, there is now a book 1 available in the Etsy Shop:

It is 68 pages long, full color throughout, and includes a fun behind the scenes sketch page at the end. There is a full video flipping through pages up in the shop. That's it for now. Oh...for my Elegant Tea Lady fans. A green tea will be going up soon. Look for a follow up update later this week! Wishing you the best Tuesday, Melissa

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