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Barbecuing and Black Friday Madness

This Thanksgiving, I spent the day at home with the hubby. We decided to get one of those electric grills and barbecued on the balcony, making it a lazy stress free day. A lot of Hyrule Warriors may have also happened... which has reawaken the irrational need for Zelda amiibos. Kind of thankful to not do a lot of traveling around this time. But what I am most thankful for are you, kind souls, who have taken the time to support me and many other indie creators this year. I'm blown away when an email pops up informing me someone has ordered a copy of Above the Clouds. I even tell my husband every time I see it, like it's a new thing that's happening, "BAAAABE! Someone ordered a book!" And without skipping a beat he always matches the enthusiasm "Awesome!" So, on to social media stuff... If you are like me this Black Friday and you're trying to get holiday shopping out of the way...I've joined in on the madness and have created a coupon code for my shop. This time, 20% off! Enjoy!

warmest regards, Melissa

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