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Monster Heart, Season 1 Finale Is Up!

Holy cheese, you guys! Thank you for helping to support Monster Heart. Last week the finale episode for Monster Heart: City of Ruins was uploaded. There are 17 episodes with over 3K subs!! Not bad for an unknown comic on Webtoon.

If you were waiting for the whole book to be uploaded before starting you can find it over here.

What's next?

Now that it's been released there is plans to create a softcover book. I'm looking at printers as we speak. Super exited because its phase two of my experiment to see how the story is received as there are TWO VERSIONS (a vertical web edition and a traditional print version). Also, I'm working hard on book 2 for Monster Heart: City of Monsters. First chapter has been thumbnailed!

Here is a sneak peek of the messy sketches:

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