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Kickstarter funded in 2 days!

The Above the Clouds campaign is successfully funded! [view kickstarter]

Cover illustration for the final book.

Holy cow guys, we did it! When I first launched this Kickstarter I had no idea what to expect. Never in a million years would I have imagined we would reach the target goal of $12K in two days. Let alone, that over 1000 backers would help it reach $43K!

Above the Clouds is going to be a hard bound book! Thank you so much!

Now that the campaign has ended, now what?

I've made a schedule graph of what needs to be done that will be updated frequently. There is tons more to do and I plan on updating you every step of the way. By the end it might feel like a behind the scenes of what goes into making a graphic novel into a physical book.

All right, back to work! Till the next update!

See all Kickstarter updates over here: link

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