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Above the Clouds Kickstarter 

Launches September 4th!

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Only 3 updates will go out:

  1. Final date of when it will launch

  2. The day it launches

  3. When it's about to end

That's it! Once those 3 go out no more
emails will be sent to you.

*Once it launches make sure to look for more detailed updates
  through Kickstarter.

Above the Clouds started as webcomic project aimed at learning how to make comics. 5 years and 8 chapters later, I completed telling the intertwining story of a hero who needs to save a dying world and an author who lost faith in himself. You can read the whole story over at

Over the years I've traveled to comic book conventions selling my story as individual chapters and have been fortunate to have good people believe in this project. Because of their support and my determination to become a storyteller, I've always been able to self fund the printing of the smaller chapters.

Now that it's in the last phase, the price of printing a full color 250+ page bound book is a little more then this indie creator can shoulder alone and I need your support!

Join the mailing list and be the first to help make Above the Clouds successful on Kickstarter. Let's make Above the Clouds into a real book!

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