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Above the Clouds Kickstarter 

We did it! We made it to the end of the story for Above the Clouds. I want to thank all the supporters that have helped to keep this project alive. 

You are why I am able to plan for a kickstarter to create a beautiful hardbound edition of volume 1 through 8. I am busy putting everything together, but in the meantime I hope you join the Kickstarter mailing list. Please be the first ones to support and help keep the momentum up!

Join the Mailing List

Only 3 updates will go out:

  • Final date of when it will launch

  • The day it launches

  • When it's about to end

That's it! Once those 3 go out no more emails
will be sent to you.

*Once it launches make sure to look for more detailed updates
  through Kickstarter.

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